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i dont text first unless ur bae or my drug dealer

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Naked embrace is such a beautiful thing I love the feeling of her body as I cuddle her against me, and you know she’s a little colder than usual, so you hold her even tighter. This is pure intimacy.
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I love dogs, and basically all animals. They’re so interesting. Sometimes I think about how being a dog would feel. You’d never have to worry about school, careers, money, etc. Someone would take care of you for your whole life. They’d feed you, play with you, go on walks with you, rub your belly and show you a lot of love. Why can’t humans have lifestyles more similar to that of dogs? 81 notes


shout out to the kids and adults who have memory problems, who get yelled and screamed at by their families for not remembering things

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complete panic in one screenshot
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I posted this on Facebook a couple years ago and like 5 people added me just to beak me over it like its fucking funny take a joke like you all take dick. 837 notes


a short poem:

do teachers
that you take
other classes

my English teacher while I’m in social trying to do social

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Let Jesus "pop a cap in your butt."



This fucking video. Can we just talk about this fucking video for a second. Holy shit. It broke my funny. Nothing I see will ever reach the levels of hilarity and joy that this video brought me. I’m sore and in tears, if I wasn’t a reasonable man I’d start going to church based on this video alone.




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Snoop dogg just posted this on Instagram. My two favorite people. 16,964 notes
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